This summer also brings the Red Gold from Europe programme back to Japan!

Summer brings plenty of sunshine for tomatoes to grow robustly. Together with nutrients from the fertile soil, our tomatoes are waiting for another bumper harvest before they are cleaned, canned and delivered to your table. This summer also brings th …

Thank you for visiting the Foodex Japan 2021 ANICAV / redgoldformeurope booth.

The cooking live demonstration was successful! Red Tomato From Europe booth visitors waited in a long line to join the demos. Greatly talented chefs and teachers showcased how to turn canned tomatoes into …

ANICAV / Red Gold from Europe is proud to take part in the largest food Trade Fair in Asia, Foodex Japan

Enjoy our daily cooking sessions ‒ from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm – with our brilliant chefs. Stop by at our booth 4G00 Hall 4 Makuhari Messe Chiba. You can easily find it by following …


The press events for the press and food industries started with welcome and greetings from Europe via Zoom. A presentation of Red Gold tomatoes “Wonderful journey of Red Gold tomatoes from Europe to Japan” followed …

It’s time for a Shopping bag present!

To celebrate 10th October – tomato day – we will send a shopping bag celebrating our delicious canned tomatoes to the first 39 tomato-lovers who send us an email thanking nature for its great gift …

12th Tokyo Food Education Fair Red Gold From Europe Japan Japan Booth

RGFE Japan participated for the first time in a food education fair hosted by Tokyo, held at Keiyo Namiki-dori, Yoyogi Park in sunny weather on November 9 and 10, 2019. We sampled delicious tomato cans from …

Booth exhibition at the 12th Tokyo Food Education Fair (Booth NO.45)

Date and time: November 9 and 10, 2019 10: 00-16: 00
Venue: Yoyogi Park (Keyaki Namiki Dori)

Nov. 9th (Sat) at 12:00, and there will be a demonstration of Misotama Art @ Instructor Miyuki Shinada …

October 26: Misotama Art Collaboration Event has ended happily!

At a food town, a studio in the Tsukiji Market was crowded with tourists. Under the guidance of Dr. Miyuki Shinagawa, participants experienced making delicious and cute miso balls …

Red Gold from Europe – guest at ACCI GUSTO in the trade fair – 9 /10 October 2019

Red Gold from Europe was invited to present its exceptional products at the trade fair organized by ACCI Japan whose members include 250 chefs and 110 food producers and whose president is the renowned …

To those affected by Typhoon No.19

We would like to express our sincere sympathy to all the people affected by the Typhoon No. 19(October 2019).


Sweetness and Deliciousness have doubled with the harmony of a vivid red cherry tomato and a miso-ball.

You can participate in the Miso-ball Art Workshop guided by the famous instructor Ms. Miyuki Shinada by just sending an email to this address …


Canned tomatoes are a kitchen essential, but not all canned tomatoes are the same. Whether you’re a home cook or a 5 Star Chef, the European tomato is more than a necessity, it is a culinary treasure. Grown in a generous and fertile land …

Fusion between Europe and Southern China —— RGFE Guangzhou Chef Contest Completed with Success

Guangzhou, City of Flowers, is also famous for its culinary culture in the southern China region. In January 2024, RGFE together with over 30 chefs from Guangzhou and surrounding areas explored the potential for canned tomatoes from Europe to be applied in various recipes to create a “Fusion Festival”.

Red Gold from Europe @ Food Hotel China 2023

2023 has just witnessed the 26th edition of Food Hotel China, the most influential international food and beverage show in the foodservice sector. Over 3,000 exhibitors from all over the world gained exposure for their brands and products with 150,000 professional visitors.

Red Gold from Europe, with its pavilion in Hall N4 (Booth No. N4C031), was warmly welcomed by the local industry. Buyers from import companies, distributors and hotels & restaurants all expressed their interest in carrying or using canned tomatoes from Europe.

Red Gold from Europe Press Event and Showcase Dinner

Announcing the relaunch of the RGFE programme in China, the Press Event and Showcase Dinner, held on the night of 7 November 2023, promoted the unique versatility of perfectly preserved Red Gold Tomatoes from Europe.
Over 60 media guests, including chief editors, journalists and KOLs on all social media platforms, as well as 15 chefs and professionals from the HRI industry joined the grand gathering.

The Red Gold from Europe Beijing Chef Contest hosted successfully!

The first stage of the Red Gold from Europe Chef Contest Series was completed successfully in Beijing on 26 September 2023.
During the preliminary round of the online competition, 48 professional chefs from the region submitted their innovative works of art using canned tomatoes as the key ingredient. The online competition page attracted attention from the industry and the recipes from the participating chefs received over 248,000 votes.

Fond memories of a tomato-lover

Cooking Demonstrations with European canned tomatoes (Red Gold) at Macau Bookfair and at Yantai World Gourmand Awards For about ten years I have been visiting China, taking part in the World Gourmand events under the auspices of Edouard Cointreau, fe …


Canned tomatoes are a kitchen essential, but not all canned tomatoes are the same. Whether you’re a home cook or a 5 Star Chef, the European tomato is more than a necessity, it is a culinary treasure. Grown in a …